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Hey! My name is Steph if you want to be friends, Stephanie if you don’t, and Stephanie the Merciful if you’re one of my kids working your way back from malfeasance. When I’m not forcing my subjects to kiss the crown, I’m writing or reading young adult, and more often than not, specifically fantasy.

I like magic, conflicted villains, and girls who do brave things. So much, in fact, that I wrote a book about it and hope to let it loose into the world under the representation of Agent Lindsay Mealing the Great of Emerald City Literary Agency. I love connecting with writers and readers online–in person requires showers and babysitters and actual talking–so please say hi!

When I’m not writing, reading, and/or meme-spamming, I’m asking three small children to please stop eating their boogers, chasing snakes back into the cornfields, singing on Sundays, and binge watching my way through the premium channels with a beautiful, gentle giant of a husband. I’m addicted to hashtags and emojis. I love chips and the Internet and eating chips while discussing mental health on the Internet. I am a clinical oversharer, so God bless.

Thanks for stopping by! Check out the Contact Me page if you want to chat. I’m very chatty.