I have done several things, actually, to lead me to this place I find myself. Here are the things I have done:

  1. I have written a book. My second, actually. The first was a poorly contained dumpster fire and I have buried it in a dark hole in the ground and set dragons to guard it lest it ever see the light of day again. We all make mistakes. Correct them with dragons.
  2. I have remained disciplined in the process. To a fault, maybe. Bipolar disorder often brings a measure of hyper focus, sometimes bordering on obsession and compulsion. It was not a struggle for me to stick to my daily writing goals. It was a struggle to do anything else. Even so, we are all alive, the house still stands, and I have written a book. My second, actually. Did I mention that?
  3. I have received feedback from many people. Critique is not fun as a sensitive soul, but as I learned above, writing something you wish you hadn’t is not fun either. From beta readers and critique partners to pitch and query advisors, criticism has made strengthened my work and my skin. I wouldn’t yet call my skin leather, exactly, but like a tough, organic, fruit leather. Raspberry. Yes. Raspberry fruit leather.
  4. I have sent my young adult, contemporary fantasy manuscript baby out into the world and she has brought home representation. I am S T O K E D to announce my story has found a home in Emerald City Literary Agency via “Agent Lindsay” (as she will be forever known in this house). Agent Lindsay is my literary agent!

So that’s it! I am officially an agented writer! F E E L I N G S.

I am also officially my own, personal emotional rollercoaster–no, my own emotional theme park where patrons can find excitement in “I-Just-Got-an-Agent Isle”. But let the patron beware as they travel farther into the park, directly into the horrified heart of “Oh-God-People-are-Going-to-Read-This Oasis”. Hopefully patrons came prepared with tissues as they venture through “I-Can’t-Do-This Inlet”, but if not, there is hope if they can make it through to the other side. For at the end of the loop is “Let’s-Do-This Lake” where patrons are given a big cup of coffee, a slap on the back, and a complimentary pep talk from a tunnel of writers who have come before them. Please enjoy this map of the park:

Photo Cred: me, iPhone 7, Snapchat because I have adult acne, my parents, Jesus Bonus Points: accurately guess how many chins I have and win a punch in the face

As far as I can tell, the loop goes on forever, but the tunnel of writers are always there with coffee and hugs. And as long as they’re there, I think I can hang.

Anyway, there are the things I have done. I suppose I will be doing more things in the coming days/weeks/months/years/lifetime and I am outrageously excited. Among other things.