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It’s that time of year again! The time when all across the nation gluttons of punishment and pain abandon their children, spouses, and jobs for thirty solid days of writing chaos. We’re not gorging on turkey this Thanksgiving. Though equally uncomfortable, it’s a literary binge we’re pursuing.

I am diving in head-first for this year’s National Novel Writing Month. (Just kidding. I don’t know how to dive and doing anything head-first sounds very dangerous. Let’s call it a gentle and soft-footed wading instead.) For my project, I’m partially reviving a work I scrapped last year. At a writing conference I attended in the spring, Chuck Sambuchino of Writer’s Digest had something wonderful to say about safely stowing away your garbage so that future you might be able to dig through the dumpsters of your mind one day and resuscitate the good bits. He described it as a sort of banking and borrowing from yourself. Thankfully, the compulsive thrower-awayer in me heeded this advice; a tiny tale from an old scrapped story will now get its moment in the sun! In the original novel, this tale was a short story the main character created to please a secondary character. In this year’s NanoWriMo, the tale IS the novel. So thanks, Chuck! Thanks, past me!

So who’s Nano-ing this year? Who’s with me? Feel free to add me as a buddy: The Mom in Black!