Photo Cred: English (the language), Word Swag app, My Dang Self




Without warning, and in an instant, it begins. Sound, my first assailant.

Lungs inhaling, fabric stretching

Shoes on tiles and tongues clacking

Hinges yawning, fan blades bleating

What once was hushed is amplified, screaming ’til it sears inside

I am Discord


Touch urges me onward.

Sweat beading, stray hair dancing

Sleeves on skin and bra straps digging

Crumbs poking, small hands prodding

What once was soft is electrified, grating ’til it rubs raw inside

I am Agitation


Until anxiety is all I see.

Room spinning, lights whirling

Senses on fire and time accelerating

Heart racing, self control fading

What once was still is terrified, churning ’til it bursts inside

I am Chaos


Panic gets the best of me.



*Author’s Note

This is what an unexpected panic attack looks like for me. These kinds of attacks are not triggered by anything more than the most mundane, everyday occurrences. However, it is important to note that the spectrum of mental health struggles is vast and nuanced, and our experiences are uniquely our own. Even so, you are not ON your own. If you are in need of mental health help, please visit,, or to find a professional near you and helpful information.