Sit down, Little Girl

Sit up straight, Little Girl

Cover your head, close your mouth, listen here, Little Girl

Smile big, Little Girl

Wait your turn, Little Girl

You’re my star, be who you are, wait–that’s too far, Little Girl


Everybody saying, “Calm down, Little Girl”

But I’ma counter, “Lift your voice up, Little Girl!”

Hackles raised, blood boiling, take on the world, Little Girl!

Be loud, take up space, push your way up to the front of the stage

Say no, demand more, use my ceiling as your floor


And when they puff their chests and tell you, “Find your place, Little Girl”,

Puff your chest right back, say, “My place is here, I run the world”


Photo Cred: My Dang Self (with a little help from the Prisma app)