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Bartley and Broad

I am fourteen. We detour an hour east to study graves and cannon shells. A war was fought here, years and years ago I'm told, a fact I care little about but for the boy in the van beside me.... Continue Reading →


I Have Done a Thing

I have done several things, actually, to lead me to this place I find myself. Here are the things I have done: I have written a book. My second, actually. The first was a poorly contained dumpster fire and I have... Continue Reading →

Flecks of Gold

I shined a light into my eye and realized I had flecks of gold I recognized the navy rim, the gray-blue sea around the core But when I saw the flecks of gold That was something I had never seen before... Continue Reading →

NanoWriMo With Me!

  It's that time of year again! The time when all across the nation gluttons of punishment and pain abandon their children, spouses, and jobs for thirty solid days of writing chaos. We're not gorging on turkey this Thanksgiving. Though equally... Continue Reading →

Terrore Impetum

      Without warning, and in an instant, it begins. Sound, my first assailant. Lungs inhaling, fabric stretching Shoes on tiles and tongues clacking Hinges yawning, fan blades bleating What once was hushed is amplified, screaming 'til it sears... Continue Reading →

Little Girl

Sit down, Little Girl Sit up straight, Little Girl Cover your head, close your mouth, listen here, Little Girl Smile big, Little Girl Wait your turn, Little Girl You're my star, be who you are, wait--that's too far, Little Girl... Continue Reading →

To Be Woman

He said I was angry for being made woman. I laughed and brushed it off. He said I found flaw in the design, that I feared I'd never be more than product of a curse. A mother, a maid. The... Continue Reading →

Review: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Alternate title: I am Dead Forever. Dead. Bye. Forever. (Just Like *SPOILER*) Let me be clear from the start: I am a serial spoiler hound. I can't keep secrets, I suck at lying, and my anxiety makes it so that... Continue Reading →

So, You’re Privileged. Now What?

*This post was originally published on The Mom in Black. I am the author and creator of both blogs, so obviously, I'm cool with the repost. You may continue.* We are a people of offense. We are offended by Donald Trump's... Continue Reading →

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